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Welcome to Unforgettable Christmas website!
Books we published:
Russian Winter Folk Tales in English - 20 wonderful tales featuring exciting adventures, magical creatures, unusual landscapes, taking you on an unforgettable journey from winter's beginning to the end. Illustrated by children!
"Unforgettable Christmas" - a unique reference guide to great activities and events for 25 days of Christmas - your Christmas Yellow Pages and a planner in one book
What to expect soon:
"The Night Before Christmas" translated in Russian - this classic Clark Clement Moore book is a great gift for all your Russian speaking friends soon to be published in Russian - Скоро выйдет в печати:"В Ночь Перед Рождеством"Кларка Клемента Мура на РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ!

What else to enjoy on this site:
2. A selection of unique Christmas gifts from around the world