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Here are some useful links:
About Russia:
Russiapedia - an encyclopedia of useful information about Russia in English: history, famous people, things of Russian origin, etc. with vivid illustrations and very easy to navigate.
About Christmas
Apples 4 Teachers is an educational website with loads of free printables, games, crafts, plays and other resources for teachers and kids. It has 3 great themed pages: WINTER, CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR
"A Christmas Story" house is now a museum!
Christmas Fun - is an excellent source of Christmas games, downloads, free graphics, music, trivia and more
Santa Land - old fashioned holiday traditions
Christmas Cookies - hundreds of cookies recipes
FREE Christmas graphics - huge collection of clipart, e-cards, countdown banners, fonts, printables, etc.
Christmas stories - a good collection of articles and stories/tales about Christmas
Christmas Directory - An online directory of the best Christmas websites.
Christmas Mall - Useful Christmas directory
Christmas Customs - Christmas customs from around the world
Christmas Directory. We are listed under Christmas Activities category lamp banner
SantaSearch - Touching the Hearts of Children with Letters from Santa!