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Our first Children Art Contest - Announcing finalists and winners!
October 24, 2011 - "Russian Winter Folk Tales" book has been published.
January 8, 2011: We would like to announce the results of our children art contest “Russian Winter Folk Tales Illustrations”. We received more than 500 requests for participation from all over the world. We received more than 100 eligible entries and all of them were wonderful. It was the most difficult job for us to choose the best works of art and this is why it took us a little longer than we had expected. Finally, here are the names of the 20 finalists, including 3 winners (1, 2 and 3d place)per folk tale:
Two Bags – Lauremy Beatriz Patual, 12 years, Carson City NV USA
Two gifts – Tiffany Walker, 13 years, Kapolei HI USA
By Perch’s Orders – Namok Eu, 15 years, Oxford, UK
How Fox Taught Wolf to Fish – Kathrine Veeckman, 11 years, Cork, Ireland
Frost – Jenna Soenksen, 12 years
Frost Red Nose and Frost Blue Nose – Anna Dmitrieva, 12 years, Urbana IL USA
Hot Pancakes for Winter – Alex Gavurin, 12 years, - 3D PLACE WINNER
How Winter Begins – Khushi Suraj, 9 years, India
Master of the Winds – Jacob Lokshin, 13 years, Reno NV, USA
Mitten – Anastasiya Markel, 9 years, Paoli PA, USA
Owl and Raven – Audrey Zhang, 7 years, Levittown, NY, USA - 2 PLACE WINNER
Peasant’s Coat – Gieun (Jenny) Im, 15 years, Leonia  NJ, USA
Polar Bear, Brown Bear – Devlyn Williams, 7 years, Houston, TX, USA
Snow Flake’s Coats – Shenali Liyanage, 10 years, Sri Lanka
Snowmaiden – Ilayda Celep, 11 years, Izmir, Turkey.
Sun, Raven and the Daughter of the North – Lisa Grages, 12 years, Vinetiane, Laos
Who is the Strongest in the World? – Jihan Az Azahra, 6 years, Balikapan, Indonesia – 1PLACE WINNER
Why the Snow is White? – Tatyana Ivanova, 11 years
Why Fir Tree is Evergreen? – Hoi Wah Cheng, 3,5 years, Hong Kong
Winter Hut for the Bull – Miguel Villacorta, 9 years, Lynnwood WA, USA
1 finalist is selected in each of 20 categories (20 folk tales)* and those artworks will be published in the “Russian Winter Folk Tales” book. Each finalist will receive a FREE copy of the book within 6-8 months after the announcement of results.. Among those 20 finalists we will then choose 3 winners who will receive additional prizes as follows:
1st Place – 50 USD Amazon gift card
2nd Place – 40 USD Amazon gift card
3d Place – 30 USD Amazon gift card
Since we received so many beautiful art works we wanted to recognize the efforts of several more children. Their art works will not be included in the book but they will receive a small appreciation gift in the mail within 2 weeks after we confirm the correct mailing addresses:
Anna Lehman, 5 years, Westville IL, USA
Vlad Dmitriev, 5 years, Urbana IL, USA
Vagia Fotiadou, 15 years, Veria, Greece,
Ang Felicia Fani Wijaya, 10 years, Balikapan Indonesia
  1. If you would like to participate, please, send us an e-mail through the “Contact us” form on our “Contact us” page with your name, e-mail address, city/state where you are from and date of birth (we need to make sure that participants are indeed 15 years of age or younger)
  2. Within 48 hours you will receive a randomly selected folk tale to illustrate via e-mail
  3. Use only good quality WHITE paper, size 8 x 11 inches. The artwork should be done in color (not black & white) using your choice of art supplies: paints, markers, crayons, etc. The layout of the artwork should be PORTRAIT, not landscape.
  4. Scan your completed design at 300 dpi and save in .jpg format, at the highest quality. If you don’t have a scanner at home, you can use FedEx Office (formerly “Kinko’s”) facilities near you – the customer service people in the store will do the scanning for you on professional equipment and you will get a good quality scanned image for just a couple of dollars. If you absolutely do not have access to a scanner where you live, please, e-mail us and we will try to work it out so that you mail the original to us and we will scan it ourselves.
  5. You may submit more than 1 entry for the folk tale you will receive but only 1 artwork per author may be chosen as a finalist
  6. By sending me your artwork you agree that if you become one of the finalists, you relinquish complete ownership and copyright of your artwork to Tatiana Sorokina. You agree not to claim any royalties on this or any other book published by Tatiana Sorokina.
  7. The deadline to submit your art work is November 30, 2010. Please, note that due to big increase in volume of new submissions we will not be able to process new submissions after November 25. We will only accept the completed art works on November 26-30. Also from November 16 onwards we won't be able to respond to your submission form if it does not contain all the required information (please, see RULES)
  8. Prizes will be based on existing submissions. If there are not enough entries and if the standards are not high enough we reserve the right to extend the submission deadline. If after the deadline extension we still will not have enough entries of a good quality we reserve the right to choose less than 20 finalists. We will not publish more than 20 finalists’ entries.
  9. Finalists will be chosen within 30 days of the submission deadline and will be announced on our website. The top 3 winners will receive their gift cards immediately thereafter. The decision about finalists and winners is final.
  10. All finalists can expect to receive their FREE copy of “Russian Winter Folk Tales” book as soon as it is published, which should take place within 6 months after the names of the finalists are announced.
  11. You agree not to reproduce the conent of the story you will receive for illustration without the author's permission since it is copyright material.
  12. Cost to enter: FREE.
* - see Paragraph 8 for additional rules regarding the number of finalists.
..........2ND PLACE WINNER