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My name is Tatiana Sorokina, I live in Illinois but originally I come from Russia. I have a Master's degree in English Language and Literature and an MBA in Marketing and International Management. By day I am managing complex projects for Stanford University but by night I  have a passion for writing.
I started writing when I was a child: I have a collection of poems that I have written over the years but it is not published yet. I have one book that was published in 2007 - "The Legal Alien's Guide. Building a Career and Life in Chicago, IL". It is a detailed reference guide for people relocating to Chicago and who are looking for a job or thinking about starting their own business. The Guide won the Publisher's and Editor's Choice awards as well as became the finalist of Foreword Magazine Book of the Year award. The book is currently available on
I also love Christmas. It's a unique holiday which you can celebrate the whole month of December. I enjoy every moment of it from decorating to crafting, from ice-skating to preparing the holiday dinner. It's a wonderful time of the year because I get the time to spend with my family.
I created this Christmas website with three goals in mind:
1. To share ideas about how you can enhance and diversify your Christmas experience. Christmas is not about shopping for gifts like crazy (though that's what retailers want us to believe). You have 25 days in December, 25 unique opportunities to create unforgettable memories for your family, kids, friends and the community you live in, to share, to rejoice and to love. This is why I wrote the Unforgettable Christmas guidebook.
2. To help people broaden their horizons and give them opportunity to see how the holiday season is celebrated in other parts of the world. I hope this will help people on both sides of the Atlantic to understand each other better and learn to appreciate the cultural diversity we have in the world. This is why I created the collection of Russian Folk Tales About Winter and a collection of Russian Christmas cartoons. This is also the reason why I translated 'The Night Before Christmas" by Moore into Russian.
3. I put together a list of unique Christmas gifts (movies, music and books from various countries) because, probably, you will never see most of these items in your local bookstore or video rental and yet it will bring the Christmas from all of the world to your home and the home. I believe one good Christmas gift is worth more than a dozen and my roster saves you time searching for something special and meaningful for everybody on your gift list. 
"May all your Christmases be merry and bright,
And may all you Christmases be white!"